Den här får vara på engelska, men jag måste ha den i min samling. Leprechauns är någon slags irländsk pyssling med grön hatt… Man kan lura hit honom med guld och Noëlle gjorde en fälla i mars.

Noëlle has been obsessing with the leprechaun lately, writing letters for it (for next March), etc.
She has explained how you get three wishes if you catch one, and among her three wishes would be a wish for special powers, because then she wouldn’t need wishes, she could just create whatever she wanted.

This is what I heard in the pool today:
Noëlle: ”Trent, did you know you get three wishes if you catch a leprechaun?”
Trent: ”You know they’re not real. They might’ve existed at some point, but not anymore.”
Noëlle: ”Mom, leprechauns are real, aren’t they?”
Me: *Shrug*
Noëlle: ”Mom, was it you that messed up my room in March THEN!?”
Me: Still shrugging, with a smirk on my face.
Trent: ”See, your mom is smiling, I’m right.”
Noëlle: ”WAS IT YOU!?”
Me: ”What do you think, sweetie?”
Noëlle: ”You’re gonna have to pay for this!!!”

Hahaha! Och så börjar det…